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Rome is a wonderful ancient city with a vast history dating back 2500 years full of passion, art, and of course magnificent architectural designs and scenic beauty.

We at
Rome Guided Tours are glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy browsing our website and learning more about the amazing city of Rome as well as our Rome guided tours.

When you choose
Rome Guided Tours, you can rest assured that you will have at your disposal official and licensed drivers and tour guides that want you to experience Rome through the passion they hold for their home.

You can choose one of our
Rome guided tour packages or create your own custom made itinerary with our help to make certain you embrace Rome with a thorough and comprehensive tour of the sights you wish to include.

As you read through the pages of our website you will learn more about our
guided tours of Rome, our guided Ancient Rome tour, our guided Catacombs Rome tour, our guided “must see” Rome tour, our guided sightseeing Rome tours, our guided tours of the Vatican, and our Rome limo tour as well as the importance of an official Rome and Vatican tour guide.

All tours guides at Rome Guided Tours are Official Rome and Vatican Tour guides that are zealous in providing guests with private tours that are custom-made to meet their requirements.

We at Rome Guided Tours have the desire for all of our visitors to experience Rome and the Vatican with the same passion that our tour guides have so when you return home, you can take a part of Rome home in your memories.

Our main purpose for providing guided tours is so every person will be able to not only see Rome but also experience what it means to be Roman

Rome Guided Tours, Official licensed Rome and Vatican Tour Guide

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